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Theme Parties, Events and Entertainment by Happily Ever After
Play and Party Palace, LLC


mail to: 5002 Stony Run Dr, Reading Pa 19606: office only 

parties held at our facility:

10 Tranquility lane, Reading PA 19607



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The Easiest  and Best Party you will ever have!


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Happily Ever After pricing and details:

You may pay in full for your party with a credit card ...the EASY way, no hassles, no checks to write, we use PAYPAL's secure system, you do NOT need a paypal account, just a credit card.  We also accept checks, money order or cash.  If you pay by cash, check etc we require 50% payable upon booking, balance at party, mail to 5002 Stony Run Dr, Reading Pa 19606 (Please note that any unpaid balances  past due by 1 week incur a  10% fee, increasing by 10% each week it is unpaid.)

 Click on the arrow for a pull-down menu of party styles to select, then click on "add to cart". See descriptions below for FULL details.

Theme Parties and Events  

DO NOT pay for your party until you have FIRST contacted us to reserve your date and time. Otherwise we may not have a time slot available, we get booked up fast, so call us first! 610-779-4258

Select your party package (see complete descriptions below). You MUST first confirm your date by phone BEFORE paying!!

Party Date?
Party Extras- to make your party even MORE fun! Select your item and change quantities once shopping cart appears.
Party Extras (Pizza, popcorn, parent room, entertainment etc)
note: Toddler room fee payable at date of party $10
Any additional requests? Party Color, special instructions, catering delivery notes, etc

Offsite events & Entertainment payment (festivals, enrichment programs, field trips and offsite parties)

rate charges for offsite events, festivals and group entertainment: these rates are for pre-arranged events based on content and duration, please speak to our event coordinator before selecting this option. Use the "quantity" button in Paypal to select the total charges for your event based on rates quoted. These rates can be per hour or per event depending on format. 

Off site entertainment fees, select the rate and multiply by hours needed in your quantity section of the cart
Date of event? Location? Contact person?

Quick overview of what each party includes:

Deluxe party:

Ala carte party:

Un-themed event space or family party

  • Custom invitations emailed to you
  • all paper goods and decorations
  • 2.5 hrs of fully supervised themed entertainment, games & activities for 12 children (extra guests @ $9 each: charged at the event date)
  • Gourmet theme cake *
  • lemonade or bottled water
  • crafts to co-ordinate with your theme
  • gift opening ceremony & Gift log
  • goodie bags for each child guest
  • * You may choose to bring your own cake - see pricing details
  • Custom invitations emailed to you
  • all paper goods and decorations
  • 2 hrs of fully supervised themed entertainment, games & activities for 12 children (extra guests @ $7each charged at the event date)
  • Bring your own cake
  • Unlimited lemonade or bottled water
  • gift opening ceremony & Gift log
  • Bring your own goodie bags if you wish
  • You may bring a craft as well.
  • Tables, chairs and buffet space for up to 75. Pkg price for 25, additional fees for extra guests.
  • paper goods, plastic ware, & table covers to use for the party
  • 3.5hrs total facility time: 60 min set up, 2.5 hr party time (extra time billed in 1/4 hr increments @ $60/hr or $15 per 15 min)
  • set up and clean up
  • Toddler room and play mats additional $10
  • parents must supervise kids
  • (1 hr of child entertainment available at an additional $39, incl. story, games tumbling & bubble dance) or  Face painting $50/hr

 Note: extra guest fees are levied upon the day of the party depending on attendance so you don't pay for no-shows! Simply write a check for additional guest fees  to Happily Ever After that day! Max. child attendance for theme parties: 30 guests. NO exceptions. NO children under age 3 allowed at ANY theme party event. No exceptions, insurance regulations apply.

Full details:

Deluxe Theme Party:

2.5 hours of supervised  party and play! 

Includes:   custom invitations (emailed directly to you)

  • Set up and clean up of the party 

  • Full supervision and entertainment by a party leader (fairy tale theme leaders are in costume- no character appearances avail.)

  •  story reading (Fairy Tale themes only) or welcome activity

  • organized games, dance and activities to compliment the theme

  •  age appropriate craft (theme dependant

  • and all the decorations, paper goods

  •  unlimited lemonade or water and gourmet theme cake (in your choice of chocolate or vanilla) served by us so you don't have to, 

  • along with goodie bags (contents are theme dependant)

  • and an organized gift opening ceremony with a complete gift log for your thank you notes! 

 You have nothing to do, nothing to bring, just invite the children and you are done!  This is the easiest party your child will ever love!!   All for only $299 for up to 12 children (including the birthday child).  Extra guests are welcome at only $9 additional.  Most parties elsewhere are priced at only 8 children, less time and wind of up costing you more by the time you bring all the extra decorations, cake and paper goods! Do the math!

50%  Deposit required for booking if paying by check. Or pay in full above using Paypal - you only need a credit card.  You may choose the option of pizza, popcorn, coffee service or additional parent room for your guests, extra guest fees billed at date of party please pay cash or check, see details. You MAY bring additional snacks or meal items, some restrictions apply. You may choose the option of pizza, carnival popcorn machine, parent coffee service, additional parent party room  for your guests, see below:

Bring-your-own cake option:   Does you child want to have a special cake brought from home?? Nooo problem, we just subtract $20 from your Deluxe Party total, see our selection for "Deluxe party-no cake".

Baby shower theme party is a special pricing see our Baby Shower page.


Ala Carte Theme Party:

2 hours of supervised  party and play! 

This is a more flexible option.  Includes:

  • custom themed invitations, decorations and all paper goods.

  •  2 hours of supervised theme oriented fun, (party leaders are costumed for fairy tale themes) 

  • Includes story reading (Fairy Tale themes only), or welcome activity

  • organized games, dance or activities to compliment the theme,  

  • and organized gift opening ceremony with a gift log for your thank you notes! 

No craft is supplied.  Bring your own cake or refreshments, we will serve it and provide paper goods.  Bring your own goodie bags if you wish.  50% Deposit required for booking by check or use our on-line service to pay in full using a credit card.  Deposit non refundable for cancellations or no shows.

$259 for 12 children total, only $7/child for additional guests charged that day (very affordable!) You may choose the option of pizza, carnival popcorn machine, parent coffee service, additional parent party room  for your guests, see below:

Unthemed EVENT or Family Style Party:  

Great for ages 3 yrs & under, family parties, bridal and baby showers, holiday celebrations, clubs or groups, reunions, meetings, children's groups (Scouts, play groups, etc), and demonstration parties (Tupperware etc). Groups of up to 25 people Only $299 (additional $35 for 26-50 guests, $70 more for 51-75 guests) Deposit is nonrefundable for cancellations or no-shows.  If you have to reschedule for any reason please contact us. 

3.5 hrs of total time for use of the space, we set up and clean up tables chairs and paper goods , you may come 60 min before party starts to set up foods or decorations then you have 2.5 hrs for the party, you MUST end on time or charges apply.  Additional time charged at $60 per hr billed at 1/4 hr increments. ($15 for 15 min) This applies for ANY time you are in the facility past your end time for ANY reason. Please ask for extra time in advance if you will need time to clean up your items at party's end.

  • Tables, buffet space and folding chairs for up to 75 guests

  • Complete set up and clean up

  • Paper goods and table cloths (you may bring additional decorations)

  • optional set up of play structures, mats and games for small children

  • parent supervised

  • You may request a party leader to entertain child guests for a 1 hr time period, this will include story reading, games, tumbling, and bubble dance at an additional $39/hr. 

  • Face Painting $50/hr additional (about 12-15 faces- $100 for 2 hrs)

  • Toddler play room and tumbling mats available for $10 additional

Pizza& Leomande:

Want to treat your guests to pizza at the party?  We offer the option of served pizza  (* slices each) large cheese or pepperoni pizzas (say "Pepperoni" in comment line of shopping cart- this adds $3 to price), incl. tax, tip and delivery charges, along with additional paper goods and lemonade or bottled water.  Only $15 each additional to your party package.  


Add fresh hot popcorn from an old fashioned carnival popcorn maker, popped right at your party! Kids love it, parents can snack on it during the party...yum!!  only $15 additional for first batch (serves 15-20 ) $8 for each additional batch. 

Face Painting:

Want to make the party extra special?? Add face painting to the event. We use only high quality, cosmetic grade professional paints from the famous "Snazaroo USA Inc." (professional grade only), not craft type paints available at stores.  Great for group events and festivals. Priced at  $50 for 1 hr,$100 for 2 hrs. at our site (offsite facepainting holds a 2 hr min charge of $125, other fees may apply). This will give enough time for about 12-15 children each hour to get their whole faces done (or about 5 min. per face). So plan accordingly.  If most kids just want a simple cheek or hand design, we can do 17 or 20 children in one hour. Paint comes off with simple soap and water.  Children with sensitive skin should have a parent's permission before having their faces painted. Happily Ever After assumes no liability for skin reactions to painting.  Call about having a face painter come to your site for festivals, corporate events, and parties, extra fees will apply.

NOTE: You must call to reserve our face painter, this feature is not always available for all parties.

Parents' coffee service:

 Do you want to have coffee/decaff/tea available for the party parents to enjoy while the kids are having fun? Coffee in a self serve carafe, along with hot water and tea: one pot each with all the fixings. Priced at  $25 for groups up to 25, additional $10 for each additional pot for refills or larger groups..

Extra  Parents' party room  An additional room set up next to our parent lobby for you to bring snacks of your own to entertain parents and family, only $25 additional; includes buffet tables, all paper goods, plastic ware, set up and clean up.

Special group rates:  Daycares, camps, Red Hat Society and Mom's Groups, pre-schools, Scouts, Church groups, etc.  and holiday parties may request pricing that fits their format. For large events such as festivals, schools, daycares, and company picnics/parties we do offer entertainment and face painting at your site, call for details!  Travel fees may apply.


A note on "tipping" :  our party leaders are people who truly enjoy children and have fun with them, and are proud to provide your child with a wonderful experience.  If you wish to express your gratitude for excellent service with a "tip", then your gratuity will be appreciated not only for its monetary value but for it's greater value as a compliment from you.  It is of course, entirely optional!

Remember our deluxe party pricing includes everything you need. Most theme style parties only entertain and contain the children for up to 1 hr, the rest is your hassle. Most party places require you to set up the decorations, bring the supplies and the food.  This can add up to $160 to the cost of an average 12 child party!! (think: $70 pizza, $40 cake at least $50 paper goods and decorations- never mind you're time to run and fetch, set up and clean up) Many party locations do not have organized activities for the children, the result is bedlam, and the gift opening can be even worse; packages thrown here and there, opened so fast you never even see what the gifts were, or no time to open at all!  We keep it all calm and fun, and worry free for mom and dad. There is NO extra money or time investment for the parents, no cleaning up, nothing to buy, nothing to bring;  just sit down in our big lobby, take a deep breath, chat with the other parents and relax and watch the fun!!.  Keep this in mind when looking at prices! 

Please book 3 wks in advance, if paying by check a 50%  non refundable deposit is due at booking, with balance due before the start of the festivities. You MUST send a deposit within one week of booking to hold your date. No exceptions. All cancellations (without re-scheduling) will result in forfeit of the deposit.  In case of illness or weather problems, your party will be rescheduled to the most convenient available date. Checks may be made payable to Happily Ever After  and mailed to 5002 Stony Run Dr, Reading Pa 19606 (Kathy Lavanga, party coordinator 610-779-4258)

Call early to book your party:


Kathy Lavanga- party consultant

or email at: info@happilyea.com

go back to : Main Page


Q&A about our parties and policies:

Cancellations:   Once a deposit has been paid, parties may only be postponed. We will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration, based on availability. If you choose to cancel our services for ANY reason, your deposit is non-refundable.
Due to insurance regulations NO child under age 3 may attend ANY theme party, nor be dropped off by a parent at ANY event. Please select the family style party if you child is under three or select our toddler play room for guests under 3.
Special needs:  Our party leaders are trained in entertaining and engaging active children who function at age-level. We are not trained in providing support or assistance to children or adults who have physical or developmental special needs.  Nor are they trained or responsible for medical conditions,  physical or psychology problems or emotionally unstable behavior.  If If anyone in your group requires additional special assistance, it is necessary that a responsible adult be assigned to their supervision and needs and must remain beside them throughout the ENTIRE event. . This is for their safety. Happily Ever After and its agents, owners, partners, employees, and volunteers, accept no liability whatsoever for any situation involving harm or injury, or the in-ability to accommodate the needs of any person with special assistance requirements. t.

    Inclement Weather/Illness:   In the case of severe weather, Happily Ever After reserves the right to RESCHEDULE your party to a convenient date for you that is available. If YOU choose to cancel your party and/or the services of Happily Ever After at that time, please remember that your deposit is non-refundable. You may call to request a party rescheduling for emergency or inclement weather.
   If the guest of honor becomes ill, we will gladly work with you to choose an alternate date for your party, based on availability.
   Minimum/Maximum Attendance:   Parties are priced at a total attendance of 12 children. Parties may be scheduled for up to 30 children including the guest of honor at additional charge per child. If less than 12 attend your party, you will still be charged for 12 children.  Group outings, camp or school field trips, school groups, scout groups, etc do not apply to the std pkg. format, pricing for large groups and off-site parties upon request..
  Clothing:   During party themes which contain costumes: All costumes are designed to be worn over the child's own clothes. The children DO NOT get undressed. For fairy tale themes we do suggest that the girls wear a ballet leotard, or other simple garment which allows for active play. Most parties involve very active games, tumbling, and co-ordination skills. As such girls are requested NOT to wear high heels or dresses without a skort/.leggings.  Boys may wear pants, shorts, sports style clothing and any style shirts.  Children must wait to put  on their costume items until their party instructor has told them to do so.  We use a very orderly system of taking turns. Children may not always have their first choice (except of course the birthday child) of props or costumes due to sizing, other children selecting it first, etc. We make every effort to make guests happy with the choices available.
   No shows:  you will be charged for only the final headcount present at the party (if you go over the std. 12 children there is a per-child charge), regardless of how many children were invited (example: you invited 15 and 13 showed up, you pay only $9 on top of std. deluxe party price), unless a larger cake was ordered to accommodate your planned large group size or if extra instructors were scheduled based on your larger planned group size. If you booked a party for 24 children our cake provider makes a 1/2 sheet cake which cannot be exchanged- the extra fee for the cake will be your responsibility if you party size suddenly diminishes.  For very large groups, we often schedule two or more party leaders, you must tell us if your group has become drastically smaller, or you will be charged for a partial fee for the extra party leader, or large so that we have enough staff. If low guest number is due to weather, there will be no additional charge, otherwise, it is your responsibility to have a reasonable estimate of attendance. There is a  minimum of 12 guests, sorry we do NOT  give rebates for under 12 in attendance. We apologize for this inconvenience. Hence, if only 8 guests show up the party cost remains the same.
  Food Allergies:   It will be your responsibility to check for food allergies. Should any of your guests have food allergies, we will try our best to be accommodating. If a guest should have severe allergies, we recommend that either you or the child's parent provide an alternate menu item for that child.

Adults staying during party:   Parents and other adults are always welcome to stay and enjoy the party from our lobby area. Because we strive to make the birthday child and their guests the center of attention, we kindly request your assistance in keeping the noise level down so the children are not distracted, and are able to hear the Party Director to follow directions. Parents MAY stay with a shy child in the party room, but please do NOT chat with other parents. Chatting and cell phone use in the party room is strictly forbidden, we have a wide comfortable lobby so that parents can socialize all they wish outside the party room..

Small siblings:   Toddlers and babies must be supervised by an adult from your group!!!!!.  Children under 3 are requested to remain in our lobby with parents or make use of our toddler play room during theme parties. We provide many accessories that contain small parts at many of our parties and they may not be appropriate for very small children, nor can our party leaders "baby-sit" a tiny child in the party  instead of paying attention to the birthday child and their guests- it's just not fair to them . Please remember that our party packages covers ONLY the birthday child and their guests who are old enough to participate in the activities. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to accommodate small siblings (under age 3) of guests.  And for unexpected guests: we prepare our parties based on the final headcount given to us prior to the party. Small siblings under age 3,  will not be permitted  in the theme party (except for our toddler play area) by Happily Ever After, and must have a parent supervise them at all times for their own safety. 
Late Arrivals:   Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guests arrive on time. Those guests coming late may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to but must understand that we cannot go back to cover what they missed. Your party cannot go later than it's scheduled end time due to late arrivals.
   Example: The group has already completed the craft session and has moved on to the games, the late guest must skip the craft and join in the games. This is necessary in order to provide the least amount of disruption to the party, and your understanding is appreciated.
   Discipline/Illness:   We are not responsible for the behavior of the children. The Party Director is responsible for hosting your party and engaging the children in a constantly entertaining activity. Good behavior is always promoted, but it's your responsibility to monitor and take charge if a child is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to participate.  Proper behavior on the part of the children is expected, this includes NO running, screaming, throwing of anything, willful destruction of ANY property or items, harmful behavior towards any other guest or flagrant disregard of party instructors directions. Children who create a disturbance to the party or pose a safety hazard to themselves or others will be asked to be removed to the parent lobby.
Oops!:   Because accidents sometimes happen, we ask that no other type of highly colored food or beverage (beyond those approved directly the Happily Ever After management) is served while the children are in the dress-up outfits. If you are planning to provide refreshments to the parents and siblings who stay, we ask your cooperation in making arrangements for that to be served in a separate location and make sure the children do not have access to costume-ruining foods/drinks (such as cola, chocolate ice cream etc) while dressed up. You are welcome to bring your own food items for parties where there is no costuming involved or after the costumes have been removed.
Photos and Facebook:    With permission, Happily Ever After may use  pictures from any parties for promotional purposes on our website/Facebook page/advertising.  We will never reveal the names, ages, or addresses or any personal information of any child or adult.  Postings to our Facebook page may be uploaded by customers. If your child is present at a party, be aware that we are not in control of faces visible in the background of photos or videos either taken by Happily Ever After, or customers/guests at parties who may post these images to our Facebook page or their own. We will gladly accommodate all requests to remove any photos that you may wish removed.  We do not ever share our photos, nor any personal information, with any outside source, and any theft or use of those images other than those allowed by Happily Ever After will constitute a breach of legal rights which will be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution. 

Additional Policies :   Happily Ever After and its employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages. Your Party Director will provide you with the most professional of services and will work to ensure that your child has a fun and safe party.   Children attending the party and the parents, older siblings, tiny siblings, etc are expected to treat our equipment and props with respect. In the event of damage or loss of personal items or loss to the Party's location, costumes, accessories or equipment, the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client booking the party.
   Happily Ever After or its employees are not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the menu, wearing of costumes, make-up, or any activity taken place before, during and/or after the party. All foods served are prepared by outside vendors and are not the responsibility of Happily Ever After.  In the case of liability and/or financial remuneration due to the aforementioned, the responsibility lies strictly with the customer.  

   Happily Ever After has provided this account of our policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agreed to our policies before signing the Party Agreement.  Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies before reserving your party We hope that you will completely satisfied will all aspects of your child's experience with us, at all times, and we strive to be the best entertainers that we can be.

 Most of all.... we truly want this to be the BEST, and most FUN party your child ever had!!!