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Theme &  Fairy Tale  Parties and Events
  Happily Ever After
Play and Party Palace, LLC 610-779-4258  

10 Tranquility Lane, Reading PA 19607

 set back from rte 10 Morgantown Rd in Green Hills, next to gate house of the Heritage of Green Hills


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Our facility:

Our Fairy Tale Theme parties offer so many themes, your child can attend over a dozen parties without doing the same thing twice.  Our repeat customers will tell you, the crafts are always changing, the games are always fresh and new, and it's never boring. We promote good behavior; listening skills, learning to take turns, following directions, having fun with friends.  Our activities boost gross and fine motor skills, learning to follow directions, replicate a series, and using imagination in role playing.  Our parties are a blend of education and entertainment that we call "edutainment".

 what mom's are saying about our Fairy Tale & Theme Parties:

 Lisa W in Pine Grove 2013 (4yr old princess party) 
I just wanted to thank you again for coming and helping me make my daughter's party so memorable. Everyone was very impressed with the way you handled the kids. You were such a pro!!  They absolutely loved the games and the face painting was a hit!  I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and thank you in person. I couldn't have done this without you. You truly are an entertainer.  I can't thank you enough!

Erin B in Exeter 2012 Kathy Lavanga has a wonderful and creative service in her 'Happily Ever After' party business. Children most love her face painting, which was a huge success recently at the Exeter Soccer "Kick-Off," and is always a hit at our annual SCS P...arish Festival. Kids of all ages wear their artwork with pride and excitement. Many thanks to 'Happily Ever After' for participating in so many of our community events, and for bringing your enthusiasm, energy and artistic abilities with you. And most of all, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SO MANY SMILES TO OUR CHILDRENS' FACES!

Richard S in Sinking Springs 2012 Kathy and Emily did a great, great job. The girls had a great party and birthday celebration. Emily was wonderful with all the children. Kathy's face painting was fantastic and everyone loved it!!!

Carrie R (princess party mom) The kids had a blast! So entertaining and well planned! Highly recommend! :)

An Exeter mother of four:  "I just don't have time to put together a party. With four kids, soccer, ballet, school, housework, and errands, there is just no way I can cobble together a party.  Besides the I don't have room for all those kids at my house. This party (Fairy Tale Cinderella) was great, I didn't have to do a thing , no cleaning, no bringing anything, it was a breeze!".

Wyomissing Mom of a 5 year old princess:  "I am not a crafty person, I wouldn't begin to know how to entertain all her school friends. It would just be mayhem. This way (Fairy Tale Theme Tinkerbell and Peter Pan) the parents could just drop off their kids, it was completely supervised, and I was off the hook."

6 year old boy's mom: "This was  the best!  We attended a party here and I knew right away this was where my son would have his party. I didn't have to set up anything, the kids had a GREAT time, they loved the costumes, especially the knights shields and swords, and they were busy every second!! Most of the others places we'd looked at, why you had to do all the work yourself, watch the kids and pay them to use their place!"

a satisfied 5 year old customer "This was way better than those other parties!!. I've been to parties at (that other place ) three times now and so it's really boring now, this one was AWESOME!!,".

Donna in Morgantown -2009(9yr old boy, 6 yr old girl) Happily Ever After was the best party we ever had. The children DO NOT race around out of control and the activities are structured and fun. I can't stand parties where kids are just tearing around acting crazy. Every kid at our party had a great time, and for a change, so did I!!! 


How our fairy tale parties are structured:

We promote reading and reading comprehension. All five year old girls know the story of Cinderella. We don't just read them the same old bedtime story.  The story time is interactive.  The children love to raise their hands to answer the questions as the story progresses: "Who knows the fairy godmother's magic words?"  All little boys want to know what happens to the dragon on the next page, but the suspense builds... "What do you think happened next?"  and they excitedly raise their hands and smile from ear to ear when they guess the next page right.  But what does a story teach the children?  Not only do our story readings provide entertainment, but we try to put the lesson back into the fairy tale.  "Do you think it was very nice of them to treat (favorite character) that way?" all the children solemnly shake their heads no...  or "Should you ever talk to a stranger the way (favorite character) did?" as the children chorus "no never..."

The children then act out the story.  Make-believe is very important to a child's development; their imaginative and cognitive abilities.  Taking a story reading and acting it out allows them to connect what their hear to active play and play-acting. This is far above what sitting and watching a video on TV will do.  The children get to become their favorite characters.  Knights get to learn to wield a sword, while fairies twirl a wand, all the while building motor skills and confidence.  The children grow "wings" and fly like dragons around the room, growling and breathing fire.  Cinderella princesses don aprons and carefully carry a tea set up the stairs, building balance skills and concentration.  And then there is the dress-up time.... the favorite part of our parties.  Even our 7 and 8 year old boy customers always remark "Mom the costumes were sooo cool!"

How our older kids theme parties are structured:

The guests arrive to find a welcome activity that gets the fun moving right away. Pre-teens and teens don't interact the way that little kids do. They are a bit more shy and bit more wanting to see where they fit it. We know that. We make sure the party gets started with activities that get everyone to know each and feel comfortable. Even the most reserved kids wind up having the most fun during the games, acting silly, letting their hair down, and smiling all the way home.  From Cheerleading jumps and basketball moves, to Rock Star air guitar contests, the parties really appeal to what big kids like.  We even build in plenty of "get to know each other" time with quizzes and games that build friendship and fun, and isn't that what parties are all about??


We do not promote mayhem. Our parties are loud, they are active, and they are start to finish fun. They are not a free-for-all. We keep the activity structured and under control, safe and with just a hint of morals and manners. "Princesses never do ..this or that..."  and our handsome knights work at their chivalry.  We set the example, as we bow  sweepingly to the children when pouring their "tea" and call them "your majesty" or "m'lady" and the children giggle and reply "Why thank you so much" or "Please may I have more tea".  The games are all about taking turns, cheering each other on and just having fun, "winning" is never a goal.  Even our wild castle defending games where the knights and princesses toss "cannonballs" (aka foam balls) at each others' castle turns into a contest in cleaning up as the children race to see who can collect the most cannon balls at the end of this snow-ball-fight style activity. Guests at the Cheerleading parties have to work together to form a pyramid, basketball skill games promote non-competitive team spirit. Rock stars have to form a band that works together to win the air guitar contest. Most of all we encourage polite manners during gift opening time.  Each guest take their turn presenting their special gift to the birthday child, and everyone sits patiently (unlike many parties you've been to!) while your child has space and time to enjoy opening their gifts.  Everyone is encouraged to ooh and ahh about the gift and compliment the giver on their choice of presents.  The birthday child feels special and the gift giver feels special. And we record carefully each gift so that your child can send a thank you note later on.

How our business began....

Our party co-ordinator, Kathy Lavanga, (a mother of 2 children, preschool, elementary & Middle school  substitute teacher, Scouts Den Leader, and former product manager for a world wide corporation) saw a need for parties that were fun and structured.  "So many of the parties my children attended left them clinging to my leg begging to go home, it was just so insane; kids racing everywhere, screaming, pushing, etc"  After years of putting together lavish parties for her own children, Mrs. Lavanga got numerous requests to do parties for other children and so the fairy tale began.  Her own children provide much of the inspiration for games and costumes as the "marketing specialists" with a real customer-eye-view.  "We've seen what works and what doesn't. " We offer parties that kids and parents both enjoy and will remember for many years to come; easy, low cost, memorable dream-come-true fun!!